“My Eyes Spy” 4 fun fashion trends of Summer 2017


     Being the poor and broke college student that I am,  this summer 2017 has  left my pockets  turned inside out , with me doing a lot more window shopping than…actual  shopping. But every window has a silver lining, and  what glorious fashions I beheld in those windows! From wildly creative prints to fuzzy and dangly delights, here are my top 4 fav Summer trends my eye has spied in summer 2017.

1.        Tye Dye is Back! 

Summer 2017 marked the 50th year anniversary of Summer of love, and with it, the return of  the  Tye Dye!  From Male Summer shorts to female summer dresses, Tye Dye was displayed in a colorful array of runny rainbows throughout stores,bringing my longtime fantasies of its sudden  resurrection  back to life(observe the photo of me sporting a Tye Dye  fashion bralette from Commando).1504473872501[164]

2.       Dangly Dingle-Boopers!

Or at least that’s what I call them. Pom- Poms is what they’re actually called, and are to be worn so with  much cheer. These fuzzballs of fun are a cool new accent of the current Bohomian trend. You can go all out like on these cutesy Suede Aldo purses, or chose a more modest approach with this Allison Andrews  pom- pom lined top. Either way will have you looking cool and fun!1504473960455


3.        Fruity Passion in Fashion!

Fruit has always been a tasty treat to eat, but did you know it can also be worn? Of Course it can! This Summer  put taste to the test with cherry and tropical fruit prints! And I must say,out of all the fruity ensembles I’ve seen, no one  mixes a fruit salad like you do J Crew!




……. And last, but not least…a bit of fashion advice…..


4.        Stay cool in  Tulle!



Tulle and more Tulle! As far as the eye can see.. ladies, your eyes will be swim in it….as well as your silhouettes. Maje keeps it classy with its pleated multi colored ankle length skirt, while J crew takes us back to little  ballerina princess with its bubble gum tutu. Whatever your style may be, trust me,there is a pool of tulle for you. So jump in! Because this summer it’s cool to wear tulle…at any age 😊

  So there you have it! 4 Summer trends guaranteed to keep you lookin cool for the rest of the summer.  Oh, and P.S: Many of these featured items have already been marked down, so hurry while supplies last!


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